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Elevate your natural beauty with our individual lash extensions, meticulously designed to enhance your appearance effortlessly. Crafted with precision, each lash is delicately applied to create a striking yet natural-looking effect that enhances the allure of your eyes.

At our studio, your safety and well-being are paramount. That's why we exclusively use non-toxic, vegan glue for a gentle and eco-friendly application process. We specialise in utilising brown lashes, perfectly matched to complement those with lighter hair and eyebrows, ensuring a seamless integration with your natural features. For clients with darker hair, we also offer black lashes, providing versatility to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Transform your look with lashes that enhance your unique features, leaving you feeling confident and radiant with every flutter.

Full Set £90

Infills £65

 Tinting can help your perfectly framed eyes look more bold and fuller, by giving that extra definition. This is also a perfect solution for anyone looking to closely match their hair colour. Our tint is plant based, vegan, peroxide free and great for sensitive skin. 

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