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Rose Quartz Anti-aging & Antioxidant Facial

This aromatherapy facial uses a blend of luxury rose and geranium oils to balance the mood and even skin tone. Infused with green tea extract a potent antioxidant which can improve the appearance of damaged skin. 


The treatment begins with an initial cleanse and a facial massage using the rose quartz roller. Lymphatic drainage can help retain a clear complexion and reduce puffiness by dispersing congestion. Regular massages can reduce the risk of any toxins building up keeping the system flowing freely.

The ancient Egyptians believed that it could be used to maintain a youthful appearance, promote healing, and increase cell turnover.


This is followed by a deep cleanse, using our luxurious rose and green tea oil and a warm towel to open the pores ready for our organic pink clay mask and exfoliation. A bespoke clay mask is custom blended and tailored to your skin needs.

Our antioxidant vitamin E and rose youth serum is applied following a soothing facial massage. It contains a high dose of vitamin E which helps regenerate damaged skin cells and protect against free radicals.


This is finished with toning and then moisturised with our deeply hydrating hyaluronic and vitamin C face serum to plump the skin and reduce fine lines.


This facial will leave you feeling calm and you skin looking hydrated with a healthy glow.

70 Mins £75 

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